Research activity

The main objective of the scientific and technical activity of academy scientists is to improve the transportation process and technical means to ensure traffic safety , reduce operating costs and efficient use of material and energy resources through the application of advanced technologies of training, organization of production and operation of means of rail transport and industry.

At the academy scientific activity is carried out in the following areas:

1) Organization and implementation of basic and applied scientific researches;

2) Analysis and expert review of production activity in transport branch;

3) Performance of work and rendering services in the field of labor and environmental protection in the following sub-activities:

- Ecological audit of economic and other activity;

- Certification of production objects and workplaces according to the work environment;

- carrying out monitoring, control and instrument measurements of concentration of harmful substances in atmospheric air, water and soil;

- Environmental rationing and design;

4) Development of national, international and interstate standards;

5) Rendering marketing and consulting services;

6) Scientific and technical ensuring electrification, automation and complex modernization of economy and transport, development of technical and technological equipment and introduction of the certified technical and technological equipment;

7) Development, processing and implementation of complete technological, design, project, normative and technical, scientific and methodical and other documentation of the transport and communication complex;

8) implementation of energy audit and energy inspection of buildings, structures and constructions, as well as industrial enterprises and rendering consulting services in creation and introduction of power management system in compliance to the international standard ISO50001, carrying out expert review of energy saving and increase of energy efficiency, energy expert review of design and estimate, normative and technical and other documentation, building and construction, repair and other similar work of industry and transport enterprises;
9) Design of engineering systems and networks, including:

- Internal systems of heating, water supply system, low-current devices, as well as their external networks;

- Automation of technological processes, including control and measuring, registration and control devices;

- Systems of an internal and external electric lighting;

- Power supply of the industrial enterprises with power from 0, 4 kV, 10 kV and above;

- Electric networks and systems of power supply with a power up to 220 kV and above;

- Systems of traction power supply of city, railway and industry (quarry) transport;

10) Technological design (development of a technological part of construction projects) of infrastructure facilities of intraurban and external means of transport, electrical industry, connection and communications;

11) Development, replication, realization and certification of an automated control system, the automated workplace, the software, information and computer networks;

12) Carrying out topographical, aerospace geodetic survey of transport and communication objects as well as power infrastructure;

13) assessment of reliability and stability of functioning of the existing buildings and installations, including inspection of mechanical condition of buildings, artificial and transport installations (bridges, tunnels and other structures), power infrastructure and engineering systems, and communications; KazATC has the sufficient scientific potential for solution of actual problems of transport science.

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