KazATC out of the corruption

       In case of facts of corruption offenses, please inform to the following contacts: 1. Department for educational work and public relations: +7 (727) 292-75-89 2. Location: Almaty, Shevchenko, 97, KazATC named after M. Tynyshpaev. The main educational building, room 2714 3. Telephone (hotline): +7 (727) 292-75-89 4. E-mail: anticorr2714@mail.ru

        Law enforcement contacts:

  1. Prosecutor's Office of Almaly District: +7 (727) 296-63-26
  2. Department of Internal Affairs of Almaly District: +7 (727) 254- 46-12
  3. Department for Combating Economic and Corruption Crime in Almaty: +7 (727) 254-90-15

       In case of facts of corruption offenses in organizations, institutions or any other corruption manifestations, and if you are not indifferent to this problem, you can inform to the following contacts: 292-75-89

       Goals and objectives of anti-corruption committee of the Academy: 

  1. Implementation of Code of Corporate Culture of KazATC, Code of Honor of students of KazATC, Regulations of the advisor;
  2. Feedback with the administration of the academy by e-mail and Rector’s blog;
  3. Regular sociological questionnaire among students and teaching staff for identifying of corruption factors;
  4. Questionnaire "Teacher through the eyes of students" and "Session without the corruption", etc.;
  5. Full implementation of an electronic journal (Platonus);
  6. The usage of "Anti-plagiarism" system;
  7. The usage of video and monitoring technologies, which allows to detect violations (cribs, cell phones, etc.) during an intermediate and final exams in online mode;
  8. Activation of work on counteracting corruption among the teaching staff of the academy;
  9. Organization of hotline and "Trust boxes" for detection of the corruption.

       How to inform about illegal action?

       It is recommended to observe the following sequence:

  1. Describe the content of violation and facts you know;
  2. Indicate the faculty, department or division of the academy where the violation is occurred;
  3. Tell your name (not necessary)
  4. Indicate your contacts for feedback (not necessary).

       We pay your attentions that the message should clearly show the facts you know, but not unfounded suspicions. We expect from you the help and information on really committed or planned illegal acts and it will be possible to conduct an official investigation.