Studies are spent according to academic calendar. The beginning of studies: the 1st change from 8:30; the 2nd change from 13:30.

Entrance is carried out by individual identification cards.   

Entrance in an audience after a call is forbidden.

Smoking, drinking of an alcohol, loud conversations, and usage of narcotics, noise and other antisocial actions are forbidden in the Academy.


2. Student’s rights:

1) to get an education according to standards of a speciality;

2) to be trained within the limits of an individual trajectory;

3) to receive additional educational services, knowledge according to abilities and requirements, to choose alternative courses according to curricula;

4) to be restored from one speciality on another or changed an educational institution in another according to normative law documents;

5) to use information resources of libraries and technical centres of KazATC free of charge;

6) to use syllabuses on all disciplines free of charge;

7) freely express own opinion.


3. Student’s Duties:

1) to get theoretical knowledge and practical skills;

2) to form the individual curriculum;

3) to carry out ISW on subjects;

4) daily attendance;

5) to give information in a case of illness;

6) not to be late for studies;

7) care use the methodical and educational literature;

8) to carry out regulations of КаzАТC;

9) to be punctual;

10) to be benevolent to students, teachers, etc.;

11) to keep dress code;

12) to turn off cellular phones during studies;

13) to care about health, spiritual and physical perfection.