The 74th Anniversary of Great Victory

Patriotic meeting on the theme "We remember our glorious heroes!" within the program of the First President N. Nazarbayev "A Look into the future: modernization of public consciousness" devoted to the 74th Anniversary of the great Victory was held on the 4th of May in the meeting hall of Almaty transport College at KazATC named after M.Tynyshpaev.

The Director of the College E. T. Auesbaev had invited Kenes Amirlovich Zhusupov - the researcher of the life of the glorious daughters of the Kazakh people Aliya and Manshuk, associated Professor of "Automobiles, road machinery and standardization" of KazATC M.Tynyshpayev. The speaker presented the youth about the heroism of the daughters of the great steppe Aliya, Manshuk and Hiuaz, whose names became legends in the great Patriotic war. K.Zhusupov reported the trips of the delegation of students of KazATC to Pskov region of the Russian Federation, i.e. to the cities of Nevel and Novosokolniki, where our heroine sisters were buried. During the trip the students of the Academy did a great job to honor the memory of Aliya and Manshuk: visited the graves of both heroines, laid wreaths, flowers and read prayers, visited museums of military glory, met with local residents, students, war and labor veterans.

At the end of the meeting, the students asked questions that interested them, and the speaker answered them. K. Zhusupov gave the materials about Aliya and Manshuk, published in Kazakh and Russian Newspapers and magazines to the library of College.

Young generation should always remember the feat of the glorious sons and daughters of the Kazakh people and cherish them!