Congratulate the winner!!!

On March 4, the Department of science and commercialization together with the Department of" NSD " held the second stage of the competition" Young intellectuals". The main purpose of the Competition is to identify students ' abilities to engineering thinking, quantitative assessment of the level of intelligence, selection and preparation of students to participate in national and international Olympiads and competitions and, in General, in scientific, scientific and technical activities.

This event was held for the first time in the walls of the Kazakh Academy of transport and communication. The students who won prizes were awarded with valuable prizes. A total of 15 people participated in stage II, and 6 people won the competition.

I place fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Erkashov Ernur;

II place mobile battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank - Kirill Khramenkov, Dairov Talgat;

III place USB flash drive 64 GB. - Baijan Askhat, Kadyrjanov Erhan, Serbakul Torehan.